Ephraim Vashovsky

Professional Overview

Ephraim Vashovsky is the president of Vasco Ventures, one of New York City’s leading real estate investment firms. Vashovsky started Vasco Ventures in 2008 during one of the United States’ most difficult economic periods in recent memory. Over the past 13 years, Vashovsky has steered Vasco Ventures through often volatile markets and delivered steady returns to his investors. At the same time, he has consistently made efforts to positively impact the community where each of his properties is located. As a result of Vasco Ventures’ track record of returns and its community-oriented approach, today the company is recognized for its integrity and its commitment to success.

Before entering the world of real estate, Ephraim Vashovsky worked as a teacher and a rabbi. While Vashovsky lacked any experience in the real estate industry, he had a compelling vision for how each property should look after being remodeled and repaired. At first, Vashovsky worked on his own. In this way, he learned a lot of lessons about the industry. As Vashovsky realized success after success, he was joined by others who helped Vasco Ventures become what it is today.

According to Ephraim Vashovsky, the most rewarding aspect of working in real estate is witnessing the transformation of the property. Frequently, Vashovsky starts with just the shell of a structure. From this blank slate, he and his team are able to create stunning residences. During the beginning of his real estate career, Vashovsky received numerous referrals from clients who purchased a property and told their friends about it. These referrals helped lay the foundation for Vasco Ventures reputation for integrity and high-quality work.

One of Ephraim Vashovsky’s greatest skills is negotiating deals and working with investors. He is also an expert at finding deals—a result of his over years of experience in the industry. Ultimately, Vashovsky is a people person. He excels at assembling the perfect team of people to realize his vision and produce attractive properties. Visit this link to see some of Vasco Ventures’ recent projects.

Ephraim’s Properties

When Ephraim Vashovsky first started in the real estate industry, he asked a colleague with real estate experience, “How do you succeed in the industry?” The colleague replied, “Two words: good deals.” Ephraim then asked him how to find good deals, and the man replied, “One word: Experience. You get that from bad deals.” The real estate industry is notorious for being difficult to succeed in. Like most real estate professionals, Ephraim has faced his share of failures throughout his career. One of the most demanding aspects of the industry is simply staying on schedule. However, like most things in life, the only way to learn how to be successful in the real estate field is to make mistakes and learn from them.

Persistence has been crucial to Ephraim’s success in the real estate industry. It’s impossible to not make mistakes as a real estate professional, and it’s easy to give up along the way. Yet Ephraim never gave up. Over the years he learned more about the industry with each deal. Plus, he operated his business transparently and developed a good reputation among other real estate professionals in the industry.

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