Hunting for an apartment is not an easy pursuit. It involves judging the merit of a potential new home via just a walk-through. The place needs to fit your budget and location, preferably with a layout that suits your tastes and needs. While there is no flawless scheme to find a perfect place, the following issues definitely raise red flags.

Property Management Absence

A property manager or landlord should respect your time. If it is challenging to get a hold of someone to show you an apartment, imagine how difficult it would be for renters to get someone to help with issues. If they treat you like they barely have time for you, look elsewhere.

Lack of Screening

Credit is an uncomfortable subject. If an apartment manager doesn’t use a credit check, this might seem like a good idea. This applies especially when you have credit issues that you don’t want to discuss. However, if there is no screening of people, then you’re likely to end up with undesirable neighbors.

Improper Tour

Since a tour of the potential apartment is the best way to choose whether it’s functional, don’t get rushed. If the management company tries to hustle you along, it doesn’t respect your time. During the tour, you should have enough time to inspect the apartment thoroughly.

Lack of Cleanliness

No matter how busy things get, property management should present units that are in good shape. This includes the outside as well. Overgrown lawns, dirty carpets, cracked windows and more all mean that you’re expected to tidy up after prior renters. That is not your job. Even if they promise to have everything cleaned by the time you move in, look for other apartments.

Maintenance Issues

Since you rely on management to fix things when they break, seeing things out of order during the inspection is not a good sign. While all things cease to work eventually, this raises a red flag. Be careful when you notice items that don’t work.

Lease That Contains Blanks

When everything checks out and you’re ready to sign a lease, beware of blank spaces on it. These create opportunities for special terms to which you didn’t agree. If the manager promised special terms, make sure they are noted in writing.