Research by the Color Marketing Group shows that color is the reason why 85% of people purchase one product rather than another. It’s a known fact a product with colors is more likely to attract the attention of buyers than one without. When it comes to the world of real estate, a home’s curb appeal can be the reason a buyer has an immediate interest in a seller’s house from the start. 

According to a study, roughly 87% of what we see in a product comes as a result of color. Psychologists and scientists have noted colors correspond to various emotions people have all of them. While it’s important to use colors to blend with the neighborhood and draw the right buyers to a home, focusing on something like painting over the complete outside of a home isn’t necessary. 

The outside does get the buyer’s attention but planting the right color flowers can lead the buyer to gravitate to the home. Flowers and flower arrangements boost that alluring perspective to a home. 

When it comes to white flowers, those bring a sense of innocence to the front and also give off the feeling of peace to new potential homebuyers. White flowers work with any color with the exception of white, and it truly compliments dark or bright colors but clashes with other neutrals. Lily of the valley, clematis, delphinium, and vinca are great white flowers to plant. 

Red flowers brighten up homes with neutral tones and definitely stands out to millennials seeking to purchase their first home. Some excellent red flowers to plant out front would be pentas, roses, and zinnia as they can bring a sharp warmth to the home. 

The color blue is a universal sign of calmness and honesty and shows homebuyers who are more for families wanting a place they can raise their children. Blue flowers suggested are forget-me-nots, morning glory, and desert bluebells. 

Yellow flowers spread warmth and kindness and bring millennials and young couples to these homes. Daffodils, marigolds, and craspedia are ideal yellow flowers for maximum curb appeal. 

Purple flowers are great for high-priced neighborhoods and buyers looking for unique homes will appreciate the following: wisterias, hydrangeas, and liatris. The right flowers make the right impression. 

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