Homebuyers and house hunters around the globe all agree that the number one problem of searching for a new home is the amount of time required to visit each property. The most significant issue is that in most cases, once you get through a viewing of a home, you’ve already decided that this is not the home for you. Since the average house hunter is shown about six properties a day, this process can be very time-consuming.

Frustrated by this tedious process, society has found a better way– introducing: Virtual Reality Home Viewing! While this new real estate advancement is still developing, VR is projected to change the industry. Many different companies are working on their own versions of virtual reality viewing; however, the concept is generally the same. A particular camera takes 360-degree photos that are uploaded together into a 3D version of the property. Then, using a VR headset or a mobile device, viewers can experience an immersive digital walkthrough.

This new tool is more beneficial than what meets the eye. While VR makes the process faster and more involved for the viewer, the home seller and real estate agent also have things to gain. As hundreds of homeowners put their houses on the market each day, the amount of time available in a day seems to dwindle. VR allows viewers to “walkthrough” potential homes at any time of the day enabling buyers to confirm more potential homes. But how is this beneficial to the seller and agent? Well, research has shown that permitting potential buyers to view the house at any point throughout the day saves times for the agent as only serious inquiries will move past the virtual walkthrough. Since they don’t have to worry about weeks of open houses and walkthroughs, the home seller also saves time.

The best part about virtual home viewing is its potential to transform the real estate industry completely. VR’s potential is already being contemplated by companies across the globe with various ideas such as viewing homes before they are even built or creating possible interior designs for potential new apartments.

The future of house hunting isn’t exactly known, but due to VR technology, there is the potential for a complete overhaul of the industry. As more people recognize the advantages of virtual reality home viewing, the more commonplace this option will become.