While the associations we ascribe to different colors are often culturally conditioned, many recent studies have found that the majority of people subconsciously respond to colors in remarkably similar ways. Expert realtors know this fact and exploit it to the best of their ability when trying to make a sale. With this information in mind, realtors strategically paint color combinations to make houses more appealing to potential buyers.

There’s no exact science to the color schemas people should use when painting a house, but there are a few general rules of thumb. Below, we’ll go over tips on how to most effectively use colors when selling a house.

How & Why To Use A Color Wheel

Even professional artists rely heavily on standard color wheels to come up with their interior designs. Anyone interested in painting their house needs to understand how colors interact with each other, and there’s simply no better tool for this purpose than a color wheel.

First off, the primary colors on a color wheel are red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors, which are formed by using combinations of primary colors, are orange, violet, and green. Lastly, there are tertiary colors, which are created by using a primary color and the secondary color and are placed next to their respective color combinations on the wheel.

Colors that compliment each other are situated directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors, on the other hand, are next to each other. For bold color choices, consider using three colors on the wheel that form a triangle pattern (aka triad pattern).

While it’s tempting to pull up a color wheel online, professional artists highly recommend against using a digital color wheel. How colors look on a computer will never match exactly what they look like in physical reality.

Things To Consider For Exterior Design

When deciding how to paint a home’s exterior, it’s advised never to use more than three colors. One of the primary goals of exterior design should be figuring out ways to accent the house’s dominant color. Before even starting to paint the house, realtors often recommend driving around the area to see how other houses in the area are painted. Each house should have its own personality with tasteful accenting, but it also shouldn’t stick out too much from the rest of the houses.

An easy and effective way to draw attention to a home is to paint the door with a bold third color choice. Many realtors suggest using dark & light hues to help the house’s windows and shutters stand out. These two simple steps can add a great deal of character to a house and help it subtly stand out in buyers’ minds.

Tricks For Interesting Interior Design

Successful interior color design is often more challenging than exterior design. The key idea to keep in mind with any interior design project, however, is “harmony.” All the rooms should “flow” seamlessly without any sharp contrasts in color schemes.

Ideally, designers should put some thought into common color associations and pick schemes that compliment whatever room a person is in. For instance, the color red is often placed in the kitchen because it has associations with cooking and stimulates appetite. White is a good example for the bathroom due to its associations with cleanliness and purity.

Speaking of white, many sellers decide to paint all their walls white before potential buyers arrive to help visitors envision what they would like this new house to look like. Instead of helping buyers imagine their own color schemas, these bland white walls often leave a poor taste in buyers’ minds. Buyers are more likely to have a positive impression of the house walking through rooms that have tasteful color schemes. Most interior designers recommend, however, using white on ceilings. Not only do white ceilings enhance a room’s dominant color, but it also brightens up the space.