New York is a diverse state with a vast array of real estate. A realtor can be an exciting and potentially fruitful career option for a resident of the state. That said, there are certain steps those seeking to enter this profession need to take before being officially recognized as professional realtors. Such steps include:

Enrolling In A Pre-Licensing Course

The first step a future New York realtor must employ is to take a pre-licensing course. Depending upon an enrollee’s schedule, this course can be taken either in person at a real estate school near where said individual resides or online.

In-person courses are typically comprised of roughly 20 individual class sessions that may last anywhere from three to four hours. Attendees will be required to pay and enrollment fee and purchase a textbook. The total costs could range from between $300 and $500.

Online courses enable enrollees to complete coursework at their own pace. Online instruction consists of several lessons, which enrollees are quizzed on after they are completed. Online courses can be less expensive with total costs ranging from $100 to $250 and can be completed in shorter durations than in-person instruction.

Pass The Final

One coursework is completed, course participants are required to pass two final examinations. The first exam is administered by the local school each course enrollee attends. Should said individual pass the initial examination, they will be bestowed a Certificate Of Completion denoting that accomplishment.

Pass A State Test

Should said individual pass the initial examination, the next step is to pass the State-administered test. New York State officials require that all examinees register for this test online. To be admitted into the testing facility, all hopeful examinees must bring a government issued photo identification and a printed record clearly demonstrating their registration for the exam. In addition, state officials also recommend bringing a calculator.

Find A Sponsor

The final step required by New York State to achieve licensure is to obtain sponsorship from a licensed real estate broker. Depending upon the applicant’s career aims, said individual can gain sponsorship from any one of the following types of brokers: residential rental firms, residential sales firms, commercial sales firms or commercial lease firms. Once the applicant and their firm of choice have reached some type of sponsorship agreement, the firm must authorize said individual’s application. Once State officials review the application, they will mail the applicant their official real estate license.