There are several reasons why you might downsize your home, including becoming an empty nester or retiring from your job. If you have lived in a large home for several years, then downsizing your home can seem like a challenge, but it is easier when you plan carefully.

Downsizing Tip 1: Getting Rid of Possessions

When you are moving to a smaller home, you must get rid of numerous possessions. This can become difficult when you have an emotional attachment to items, so you must think carefully about what you are ready to sell or give away. If you have larger items such as furniture that you can’t keep, then consider giving those things to your relatives so that you can see the things again. You can also have a huge yard sale to make cash to buy the things that you need for your new smaller home. Anything that you can’t sell or give to relatives is something that you can donate to a charitable organization.

Downsizing Tip 2: Prepare Your New Home

Before moving into a smaller home, prepare it by cleaning it completely and adding window coverings. Measure the rooms to determine what furniture will work in the tinier rooms so that you won’t move a refrigerator that is too large or a couch that is too big. You will likely have less storage space in cabinets or closets, so you can’t bring along all of the household goods that you kept in a larger home. If the smaller home lacks storage systems, then you can install more shelves or cabinets to hold your possessions, but you should avoid moving everything.

Downsizing Tip 3: List Your Current Home on the Real Estate Market

While you are getting rid of your possessions and preparing your new home, you should also list your current home on the real estate market. Look for a real estate agent who you can communicate with, and listen to her advice concerning making the property ready for showing it to potential homebuyers. In addition to preparing the interior of the house with extensive cleaning and minor repairs, make sure to improve the way that the exterior of the property looks. Wash a building’s siding along with cleaning the rain gutters and mowing the lawns.