New York City is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. Because of this, there are thousands of people that are looking for a new place to live every day. This can create a very competitive market for those that are looking for a new rental unit. To ensure you are able to land your dream apartment in a top NYC neighborhood, there are several mistakes that you need to avoid.

Being Unprepared

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are looking for a new apartment in New York City is not being prepared to make an offer. If you are searching for an apartment and find one that you love, you need to be able to submit an application immediately. Often, this will include providing the landlord or leasing company with an application fee on the spot. If you are not prepared, you are bound to miss out on a top unit as they will move very fast.

Application Quality

When you are looking for an apartment in New York City, you also need to fully understand the quality of your application. Landlords are going to complete a full background and credit check on you. This will include calling prior landlords for references, completing a credit score check, and verifying employment. It is important for you to make sure that all of these factors are going to be acceptable before you apply. If they are not, you may want to look for a co-signer.

Not Being Focused

One of the biggest issues that can impact your home search is not being focused and clear on what you want. New York City is enormous and full of amazing neighborhoods. While you may want to consider the whole city, you should have it narrowed down as much as possible once you start looking. This will also help to speed up the searching process as you will not need to spend as much time driving around the city.

Not Reviewing the Lease

A New York City apartment lease is a major contract that you need to read through fully. You should carefully read through your responsibilities, your rent payment, and what the cancellation terms are. This can help prevent signing a lease that does not have favorable terms.