Garden designs for 2019 are leaning toward spaces to relax and improve health and happiness. Privacy, seclusion, calm, and order are preferred for the home gardens of the near future. Design ideas range from growing gardens indoors to creating staycation retreats outdoors. Don’t let the joy of gardening slip away. Make one of these top landscaping trends a priority for 2019.

Low Maintenance Gardening

Calm and order translate into less mess and stress. Homeowners are busy, and disheveled gardens are overwhelming. Are there trees and shrubs dropping leaves and debris where it’s unwanted, i.e. ponds and walkways? Consider removing them. Plant pretty perennials that come back each year. Group them together according to watering needs or perhaps include an irrigation system. Add hardy edging around gravel and concrete pathways.

Food in Tiny Spaces

Growing food is nothing new, but consumers today are more interested than ever in where their food comes from. They’re learning they have the ability to grow their own food in limited spaces and doing so in pots on porches, hanging planters near kitchen windows, planting ornamental edibles, and growing herbs in vertical planters.

Private Places

Relaxation and meditation have become a priority in a hectic, high-tech world. Create a quiet space inside a lovely garden place to relax, meditate, or read. Consider seating just for two, simple water fountains and falls, and perhaps an arbor or pergola. Surround the quiet space with lush plants. Tall, narrow plants can help create a privacy screen.

Staycation Garden

Sometimes vacations can be more stressful than staying at home. Think living out of suitcases, long airport lines, and expense. Take a low-maintenance garden as above to another level by adding comfy outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, and a weatherproof speaker system. Firepits and outdoor kitchens are also popular for creating outdoor spaces with vacation appeal.

Indoor Gardens

The trend toward indoor gardening is continuing into 2019 as gardeners look for creative ways to bring plants inside. They realize that plants help purify the air indoors. Lighting, proper water, and pests control are the challenges to overcome, and plants that look attractive indoors are a priority. Make the most of indoor gardening by growing plants in larger pots on the floor, putting trailing plants on shelves, and using LED grow lights in dark corners to grow light-loving plants.

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