A variety of pond types is available for your home, in many kinds and sizes. Each type of pond has its own unique features and characteristics. When deciding to incorporate a pond into your landscaping, there are different kinds from which you can choose. Some kinds include biological ponds, fish ponds, koi ponds, mini ponds, mirror ponds, natural ponds, ornamental ponds, swimming ponds, terrace ponds, and wildlife ponds.

Koi Pond

A koi pond is a pond whose main feature is the fact that it houses koi, Japan’s national fish. A koi or Nishikigoi, literally brocaded carp, is a particular special domesticated type of common carp. It is a beautiful fish in appearance, coming in white, black, orange, red, blue, yellow, and cream, in different patterns and combinations. Koi require a regularly maintained pond for the guarantee of the health of these valuable fish.

Mini Pond

A mini pond is, as its name suggests, diminutive in nature: a small, even portable throughout the space, decorative pond basin. It is suitable for the smallest lawns, gardens, terraces, and balconies. If you have somewhat more space to dispose of, consider multiple mini ponds side by side in a variety of colors to suit the decor.

Wildlife Pond

In a wildlife pond, it is nature that is in charge. There is a rich variety of plants, and the water attracts an assortment of animals, such as frogs, salamanders, birds, and an array of insects like dragonflies. In a wildlife pond, no pump, chemical means, or filter is used. Ideally, no liner is used either. A proper variety and number of plants guarantee a high level of oxygen in the water.

Swimming Pond

A swimming pond is ideal when you wish to have a beautiful pond, but your family members desire a swim in a pool in the garden. It resembles a pond and is set in the yard or garden in as natural a fashion as possible. The attraction mostly lies in this natural look and a relatively low cost. If used commonly, swimming water needs to be filtered. This can be done biologically with the planting of marsh plants that are planted in substrate or gravel. They accommodate useful bacteria which help in natural purification of pond water. Substrate or smaller lava stones prevent organic dirt.

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